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Eighty Eight Digital travelled down to Brighton last week to attend the largest search marketing conference in Europe, BrightonSEO.

As a business, we believe it’s so important to keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends, technology and developments happening in the digital marketing space – especially across SEO and search engine marketing.

There were many fantastic, insightful talks throughout the event. A couple that stick out in particular were Greg Gifford’s guide to reporting, along with Andi Jarvis’ day 1 keynote about ‘Strategy v Tactics’ and which path you should go down.

In terms of takeaways, below are the points that really stuck with us from the two day event:

Clearly understanding your clients KPI’s and overarching strategy is huge. Both Andi Jarvis & Greg Gifford covered this brilliantly. Report and feedback on less of the fluff, and more of what really matters.

Computers and automation are great… for repetitive functions. But when it comes to creativity, you simply can’t beat the input of a human. A blend of automation and human creativity can achieve truly great things, in marketing and beyond.

– Less of ‘this OR that’ – more of ‘this AND that’. We heard time and time again that a  true omni-channel approach is required to actively execute any successful marketing or business strategy, and we couldn’t agree more. SEO works well, PPC works well, but don’t become truly reliant on either.

– An SEO’s role is to, educate, translate and drive results. Clear communication is so important. Our role as an SEO at times is not only to add value and deliver results, but also educate and translate some of the confusing jargon that surrounds the industry.

Screaming Frog is great… that’s all on that one. We just love the frequent updates and infinite uses for the software. We believe the tool should be at the heart of every SEO’s arsenal.

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