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George Davies Turf


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Our Brief

George Davies Turf partnered with Eighty Eight Digital to redefine its LinkedIn presence. The primary objective was a transformative boost from a modest 104 users to an ambitious 1000, aligning with the company’s growth vision.

Through strategic LinkedIn marketing initiatives, the partnership aimed to enhance engagement, cultivate valuable connections, and establish George Davies Turf as a prominent player in the industry. This concerted effort reflects a commitment to leveraging the power of LinkedIn for business development, showcasing the potential for expanded networking and heightened visibility within the turf industry and beyond.

What Happened

In just two years, George Davies Turf witnessed a remarkable evolution in its LinkedIn presence, orchestrated by the expertise of Eighty Eight Digital. Within the initial year, followers skyrocketed by an extraordinary 500%, setting the stage for a subsequent 110% increase in the second year.

This dynamic growth not only elevated the company’s online influence but also solidified its position as a key player in the turf industry. Notably, the organic LinkedIn campaign, strategically curated by Eighty Eight Digital, delivered a remarkable £4 return for every £1 invested, showcasing the campaign’s cost-effectiveness and tangible impact on business growth.

Client Feedback

Eighty Eight Digital helped me position myself as an expert in the travel industry. So much so, that I have now featured on both BBC Radio Northampton and BBC Breakfast to discuss travel trends in the UK. The coverage I received was invaluable.

Becky Westaway Director of Westaway Travel

Chris from Eighty Eight Digital has suppied superb Digital Marketing services for my business VW Camper Holidays. In the past few months I have seen a significant increase in new business generated through my website.

Chris Ellis Director

We have been working with Eighty Eight Digital for a while now and they have been fantastic from the start. They are always there when we need them and have done a great job helping us improve our SEO.

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