VW Camper Holidays

VW Camper Holidays

 + 50%

Booking Increase


Impressions in 5 months

 + 22%

Click through rate

Our Brief

VW Camper Holidays were looking to partner with Eighty Eight Digital to optimise their digital marketing strategy via PPC. As a leading provider of Volkswagen campervan rentals and holiday experiences, they aim to spotlight their offerings and attract new business.

Eighty Eight Digital’s expertise in PPC will be instrumental in achieving this goal. Through data-driven campaigns, strategic keyword targeting, and compelling ad copy, we anticipate increased visibility and engagement in our target market.

What Happened

The results of the campaign with Eighty Eight Digital exceeded VW Camper Holidays expectations. In just five months, we witnessed a remarkable 50% surge in direct bookings.

Furthermore, the brand received impressive exposure, with 6,800 impressions, demonstrating our heightened visibility in the market. Over 1,500 clicks were generated, showcasing the campaign’s ability to drive significant traffic to our website.

Most notably, the click-through rate (CTR) of 22% stands as a testament to the exceptional quality of the campaign’s content and targeting strategy, underscoring how Eighty Eight Digital’s meticulous approach can yield exceptional results.

Client Feedback

Chris from Eighty Eight Digital has suppied superb Digital Marketing services for my business VW Camper Holidays. In the past few months I have seen a significant increase in new business generated through my website.

Chris Ellis Director

Eighty Eight Digital

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