75% of users never scroll
past the first page of search
engine results pages (SERPs)

Source: HubSpot

SEO & PPC Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) &
Pay Per Click (PPC) Integration

Whilst SEO and PPC very much sit hand in hand, there are some distinct differences between the two Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methods.

SEO helps drive and influence organic traffic, with the costs incurred going straight into improving and optimising your domain. Whereas PPC results in you paying to rank higher than organic searches, making little change to the website itself, but running advertisements to rank higher – as demonstrated below.

With PPC often more appt for campaign based activity, SEO should always be seen as the foundation a healthy campaign is built on. Impacting everything from content development and site structure to improving UX and mobile usability. When an SEO and PPC strategy is implemented correctly, the results speak for themselves.

Multi-faceted approaches lead to customers having a 30% higher lifetime value (CLV).

Source: E-Commerce News

At Eighty Eight Digital, we believe that SEO and PPC work better together. That’s why we offer Dual Services Discount for our clients. To find out more, get in touch with our team of experts.