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Our PPC Services

  • Google Ads

    A quick way to drive traffic to your website. Primarily done through using Search, Shopping and Display adverts.

  • Microsoft Advertising

    Previously Bing Advertising, this offers an alternative to Google Ads and often displays higher ROI.

  • Paid Social

    Create highly targeted adverts to a specific audience, based on age, demographic, interests and more.

  • Google Remarketing

    Remarketing Ads reconnect you with previously interested site visitors.

  • Contact Us

    PPC campaigns require results. To discuss what we can achieve, call: 01604 439330 or email contact@eightyeight.digital

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads is a great way to quickly send traffic to your website. Google, Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads work on a cost per click business model, meaning you set a daily budget and each time your advert is clicked, it deducts money from your daily budget total.

We ensure that we tailor your campaign to your business goals and objectives and will only target keywords. All of our campaigns are developed with conversion tracking, which means calculating return on investment (ROI) is easy.

Whilst SEO is very much seen as a long-term strategy, PPC campaigns on the likes of Google, Bing and other search platforms enable us to help clients achieve goals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Eighty Eight Digital can advise on and manage:

Google & Microsoft Search Adverts – great for driving traffic to your website

Google & Microsoft Shopping Adverts – great for driving traffic to your website if you utilise ecommerce and sell products on your site

Google Display & Remarketing Adverts – great for driving traffic to your website using Google’s display network of websites

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads – Great for displaying highly targeted adverts to social channel users

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    PPC FAQs

    PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a marketing model where you host adverts on a search engine or social media platform, then pay directly to that platform (i.e. Google, Microsoft or Facebook) each time that advert is clicked on.

    More often than not, the end goal of a PPC campaign is to lead the user (the individual who clicks on the ad) to complete an action. Whether that’s purchasing an item, filling in a contact form or subscribing to a newsletter.

    Search engine advertising services like Google and Microsoft ads use real-time bidding or RTB. This means auctions are held in a private and automated setting utilising real-time data, bidding against competitors targeting those same keywords.

    A cost per click is then set based on this auction process, which takes into account your max bid amount, as well as ad quality and competition.

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