Leeds Tuition Centre

Leeds Tuition Centre

 + 277%

Increase in users


Increase in conversions

 + 22%

Increase in organic search visibility

Our Brief

Leeds Tuition Centre contacted were looking for a new SEO agency to form a partnership with, choosing Eighty Eight Digital to elevate their local online presence and amplify visibility in Google search results.

Recognising the pivotal role of a robust digital presence in today’s landscape, this collaboration aimed to optimise the tuition centres‘ online footprint. Eighty Eight Digital’s expertise will be harnessed to secure prominent positions in local search rankings, ensuring increased discoverability for parents.

The primary objective is to not only enhance search visibility but also drive a surge in enquiries, fostering growth for Leeds Tuition Centre through targeted digital strategies.

What Happened

Leeds Tuition Centre has experienced a transformation in its marketing landscape, marked by an increase in user engagement, conversions, and organic search visibility.

Through a strategic collaboration with Eighty Eight Digital, Leeds Tuition Centre witnessed a 277% increase in user engagement, reflecting a substantial growth in its audience reach.

Impressively, the conversions increased by 1200%, indicating a highly effective and compelling marketing strategy that not only attracted but also successfully converted prospective parents.

This success carried further by the enhanced organic search visibility, which saw an uptick of 22%. This boost in search visibility signifies a strategic approach to search engine optimisation (SEO) and online presence management, positioning Leeds Tuition Centre prominently in relevant search results.

Client Feedback

Chris from Eighty Eight Digital has suppied superb Digital Marketing services for my business VW Camper Holidays. In the past few months I have seen a significant increase in new business generated through my website.

Chris Ellis Director

Eighty Eight Digital

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